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Oktoberfest: all it’s cracked up to be?

October 3, 2018 1

Anyone that knows me knows I love German culture, but Oktoberfest is a different kind of beast, of this much I am now entirely aware. This beast is approximately 420,000 square feet of Munich. It’s a heaving mess of tents, rides, tourists and expensive beer. My first trip to Oktoberfest was the textbook definition of…

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Why I Moved Abroad

September 26, 2018 8

So I’ve moved abroad. You probably know this by now, since I won’t stop banging on about it. So much so that I’ve even created a whole blog dedicated to the fact that I, Rhianna, 23 from from Derbyshire, UK, have moved abroad. I trundled off to the airport, looking like an overburdened donkey, just…

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Moving abroad: My Goals

September 3, 2018 1

For me, reflection and analysis are part of the intrinsic make-up of my character. I’ve always liked to think (perhaps too deeply) about my decisions, my relationships, my hopes and my goals. Chance would have it that right now, there are a number of contributing factors that are causing me to think about these things…

By Ubahnlesstravelled